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Best 5 Online Supermarkets in Nigeria for Your Grocery Needs

There is a significant amount of variation in online shopping habits across generations, Gen Zs are more prominent to be the highest online grocery shoppers compared to the Millennials, while Gen X has the highest share of traditional grocery shoppers.

In today’s digital age, online grocery shopping is fast growing because of its convenience and offering a wide range of products at your fingertips.

While online grocery shopping offers convenience, choosing the right one that delivers your groceries on time and values you as a customer can be overwhelming.

We’ve curated a list of top online shopping supermarkets for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Criteria for Selecting the Best Online Supermarkets in Nigeria

Here are some criteria to consider, when choosing the best online supermarket for your needs;

1. User Experience

Consider if it is easy to navigate the supermarket website or app. Does the brand offer a seamless online shopping experience from seeing a product you like to adding to your cart and checking out?

2. Home Delivery Service

Do not forget that several factors may affect delivery service; rising cost of goods and services, fuel scarcity, and nationwide strike.

When shopping from an online grocery store, note the delivery timeline for your choice location.

Delivery cost is also something you might want to consider, do they offer affordable delivery for your order? Some online supermarkets like CSI Grocery offer free delivery in Lagos for your order.

3. Product Quality

Do they offer quality quality products to shop for? Do they offer a wide range of products that will make you return for more?

Do not forget to check product reviews if available before adding them to the cart while shopping.

4. Payment

Do they offer a secure payment gateway? Ensure that you shop from platforms that have secured encryption on their website. Your personal information is always safe with a secured platform.

5. Return and Refund Policies

Check out their refund and return policies, which can always be found at the footer of their website. It is crucial to know their refund policies in case you encounter issues with your item and need to return it.

6. Social Proof

The importance of social proof can’t be over-emphasized. The best online stores have their social proof at the bottom of their site. Check their online store ratings and reviews from real customers.

7. Customer service

How fast and effectively does their customer service team respond to inquiries and resolve issues? Even if they don’t have the best price possible, good customer service is very important.

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Best 5 Online Supermarkets in Nigeria

This list is curated based on the aforementioned criteria. They include;

1. CSI Grocery

CSI Grocery is Nigeria’s most preferred online shopping site. The cheapest online grocery store. From baby foods & formula to diapers & wipes, baby cereals, baby milk, laundry products, and all other household essentials.

They pride themselves in efficient and reliable delivery services all over Nigeria. They have a curated selection of popular brands and quality products.

They also offer the best price for your grocery needs, with same-day delivery.

2. Jumia

An online marketplace for your grocery needs. They have expanded to partnering with notable Nigerian restaurants to deliver food to your doorstep.

Their platform is user-friendly too and offers products from different brands. And they offer a buy now pay later package when buying products on their site.

3. Konga

Literally, there’s no how that I will mention Jumia without mentioning Konga.

Another well-established e-commerce platform in Nigeria offers a variety of products including groceries, electronics, and household items.

Also known for its efficient delivery and integrated payment solutions, appealing to those looking for convenience and security in transactions. They also have a great user experience

4. Supermart

This online grocery store boasts an impressive selection of various groceries ranging from fresh produce to electronics, household items, and more. Their app and website have a great user experience

5. Liam Mart

Just like a regular grocery store, they offer a wide range of grocery products to consumers. From snacks, cleaning products, food items and many more.

Their site is user-friendly as well.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right online grocery store in Nigeria can impact your shopping experience. Having listed some recommendations, CSI Grocery remains the number 1 online grocery shop for all your needs.

Fast delivery, quality products, secured personal information, and many other great attributes qualify them.



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